The Pneumatic Transit

Jeff Zampillo

If ones eyes are the window to their soul music is the door to the heart. Open it and you will find the ornaments of conflict and resolution, glory and consequence, joy and sorrow. It is a pure form of human experience and expression: honest, vulnerable, but never deceiving the listener of its intent. Its interweaving tapestries of consonance and dissonance probe the ambiguity of our future and the certainty of our past. It is humble no matter how arrogant the performer and it is courageous no matter how timid the composer. It is selfless in the way that it gives unconditionally without reciprocation.

– Jeff Zampillo –

Album cover for 'Chordae Tendineae'

Chordae Tendineae

  1. Atriums
  2. Casino Mouse
  3. Residual Sentience
  4. The Fountain and the Feather
Album cover for 'Concerto for Double Moon'

Concerto for Double Moon

  1. Colloquium
  2. Icarian Games
  3. Apparition of Rosalyn
  4. Benzedrine Cloud Burst
  5. An Atlas of Oceanic Coves
  6. Hypoxia
  7. The Meketrex Supplicant
  8. Enochian Dyskinesia
  9. Sparrow Sparrow
  10. Lioness
  11. Silent Waves of Sleeping Soothsayers

Behind The Music

The Pneumatic Transit is a five piece ensemble consisting of former members of Exotic Animal Petting Zoo and Umphreys McGee. Their first album, “Concerto for Double Moon”, features the compositional works of Jeffery Zampillo as the foundation with each soloist contributing a piece of their own style and personality into the mix.

Jeff Zampillo Guitars, Melltron, Devices
Michael Mirro Drums
Waz Fox Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Synth
Carl Coan Saxophones, EWI
Michael Ferraro Cellos

Additional Musicians

Michael Shell
Drums on "Silent Waves of Sleeping Soothsayers"

Steven Radakovich
Bass on "An Atlas of Oceanic Coves"

Josh Hanchar
Bass on "Lioness"

Scott Certa
Bass on "Enochian Dyskinesia"


Jeffery Zampillo
Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Seth Henderson
Engineer, Drum Mixing

Jermaine Minnis

Zuzanna Hursell

Nicholas Glenn
Art Layout, Digital Consultant

Special Thanks

We wish to extend a very special thanks to Eric Elkin, Ryan Minic, Spencer Snitil, Alex Hinerman, Hallam Drury, Dennis Friesen-Carper, Paul Barker of Malekko Heavy Industry, Nicholas Glenn, Oliver, and Mama.

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